• Lacsante Mask-relax against wrinkles

    Lacsante Mask-relax against wrinkles is a product of 30+ in the mask is a complex of COVA B TROX, developed on the basis of derived from sea water active magnesium salt, polysaccharides and extracts of algae and chicory root. There are non-invasive alternatives for the treatment of facial wrinkles, fine lines and folds. Lacsante Mask-relax against wrinkles contributes to recovery and rejuvenation.
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  • Mask for neck and face Tonus and detox Lac Sante

    Mask for neck and face Tonus and detox Lac Sante is aimed at thorough cleaning of pores, removal of toxins, restoration of tone, improvement of relief and skin color. Cambrian clay is rich in useful minerals and micro-elements absorbs pollution, has a tonic and anti-inflammatory effect. Detox is a way to cleanse the body of toxins, which consists in a cardinal change in nutrition.
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  • Mask for oily and problem skin of the face Lac Sante

    Mask for oily and problem skin of the face Lac Sante - a natural mask on a clay basis. The mask provides deep cleansing of the skin, relieving inflammation, normalization of sebaceous gland secretion, excretion of toxins. Also, the mask for oily and problem skin has an antibacterial and antiseptic effect.
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  • Natural Toothpaste with an extract of oak leaves

    The pearl of our shop! Not once, we have not heard of this bad feedback! The most important advantages of this natural toothpaste with the extract of the leaves of oak EkoLux, is that it is exclusively natural and does not contain fluoride! And really effective, with bleeding gums! Also, this toothpaste is great for daily and preventive care. Toothpaste prophylactic with extract of oak leaves TM Ekolux is a natural, highly effective remedy for gentle oral hygiene - it absorbs plaque, prevents its formation, provides delicate cleaning of the tooth surface without damaging the enamel. The main active component of toothpaste is the extract of oak leaves.
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  • Phytoprop drops for eyes with propolis Phytoricide

    The agent for the eye with an extract of propolis "Fitoprop" on its activity superior to many antibiotics, possessing a broad spectrum antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal action. Manifesting with pronounced analgesic, anti-inflammatory, immune-stimulating effects.
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  • Herbal tea for men

    Herbal tea for men a great help in the treatment of, and as a preventive measure for diseases of the prostate gland - acute prostatitis, chronic prostatitis, inflammation and prostate swelling, prostate hyperplasia, prevention and treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia, urination disorders, related sexual disorders, decreased sexual activity, prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
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