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  • Gastrokalm maxi Artlife

    Gastrokalm maxi Artlife - a complex of natural ingredients. Promotes health, protection and regeneration of gastrointestinal tissue. The components of the drug are selected to affect the gastrointestinal tissue complex, ensuring the health and proper functioning of the internal organs.
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  • Glazorol

    Biocomplex Glazorol contains all the necessary components to maintain the normal functioning of the organ of vision. Promotes prevention of age-related changes and fatigue of the visual analyzer. Systemic reception of "Glazorol" will allow for many years to maintain visual acuity, strengthen the vessels of the eye, prevent trophic processes. Active components of the glazorol biocomplex help prevent overwork of the visual analyzer. A set of amino acids, vitamins and trace elements, as well as gotukola and ginkgo biloba, optimize the energy exchange of the organ of vision. Vitamin C and quercetin strengthen the walls of the smallest eye vessels. A powerful complex of antioxidants complex Glazorol - of various origins (carotenoids, glutathione and extract of chokeberry ash) stabilize the membranes of the cells of the organ of vision
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  • Glyukosil Norma

    Glukosil Norma - a new natural complex remedy for diabetes. The drug has replaced the well-known complex "Glukosil", has an improved composition that allows you to much more effectively deal with hyperglycemia and its consequences.
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  • Green Star complex systemic effects

    Universal bracing complex "Green Star" supports the normal functioning of all systems and organs of the body by filling and maintaining the balance of amino acids, vitamins, macro-and micronutrients. It provides a full life, and the organism to adverse environmental factors, sustainability of the environment.
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  • Hepar Formula ArtLife

    Hepar Formula ArtLife - natural plant hepatoprotector without side effects. The company Artlife has developed a unique complex Hepar Formula, which affects the recovery of the liver in various diseases. The drug is made on a natural basis. Herbal ingredients in combination with phospholipids and vitamins are the best hepatoprotectors for the liver.
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  • Hepaton-2 ArtLife

    Hepaton-2 ArtLife is a natural hepatoprotector that improves the functioning of all the digestive organs. Phytocomplex Hepaton-2 contains all important for the body vitamins, amino acids, medicinal plants, biologically active elements that help protect the liver and biliary tract from toxins, as well as restoring damaged cells.
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  • Holegon

    Bioactive complex "Holegon" is designed for the recovery of the biliary system and prevention of diseases of the gallbladder and bile ducts. It promotes normalization of the outflow of bile. "Holegon" is effective in cases opisthorchiasis and giardiasis.
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  • Joint Flex

    Joint Flex is a highly effective natural bioactive complex containing organic chondroprotectors and extracts of medicinal plants that can reduce the intensity and severity of chronic and acute inflammation in the joints, restore and normalize the functions of the musculoskeletal system. The core of the complex is the chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine sulfate, the natural elements of the cartilage and connective tissue structure that regulate the physiological processes in the cartilage, activate the production of joint fluid and, as a result, prevent the appearance of degenerative processes and ensure the preservation of mobility in the joint. The active anti-inflammatory effect is exerted by Joint Fleks yucca, boswelia extract and bromelain. It is also important that Joint Flex includes grape seed extract and vitamin C.
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  • Kissel Art Life “Blueberry-cherry” with berries and vitamins

    Kissel "Blueberry-cherry" is made from natural fruit juice. Gelling base has a soft jelly enveloping effect, positive effect on the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract, contributing to its recovery after an illness. Kissel "Blueberry-cherry" optimally balanced composition
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