Cream-balm Antiperspirant, Antiperspirant, balm Antiperspirant

We often ask exactly the cream deodorant, and this information and product for fans of cream textures was created cream-balm “Antiperspirant”. To care for the underarm zone, with excessive sweating of hands and feet. Employees of our store and many customers have already appreciated the dignity and charm of this product. If you have not tried, then definitely try. Now a few words about him about “Antiperspirant“, I without exaggeration consider it the pearl of our store !!!!

Cream-balm Atiperspirant has a gentle and light creamy consistency, delicately cares for the skin, preventing the appearance of an unpleasant odor of sweat. Cream-balm Atiperspirit provides effective protection, gives a feeling of lightness and freshness, does not create a film on the body, does not clog pores, does not block natural physiological processes, does not dry the skin. The use of antiperspirant helps to normalize sweating. Effectively fights bacteria causing an unpleasant smell, preventing their appearance and colonization on the body. At the heart of the cream-balm Antisepharant is only natural ingredients and this product is suitable for the most delicate and sensitive skin. The cream contains special substances that provide antiseptic and deodorizing, anti-inflammatory effect, thanks to them, it easily repairs damaged skin or shaving. With regular use, the level of sweating is regulated. Cream-balm Atiperspirant can be used not only in the armpits, but also for other problem areas, such as legs and palms.
Composition. Beeswax, butter – mint, green walnut, coconut, olive, castor, linden, thyme; extracts – cranberries, oak bark, tansy, sage, succession; essential oils – sage, chamomile.
Volume of 30 ml
“Antiperspirant” is preferably applied after the shower on a slightly damp skin, it is perfectly absorbed and completely leaves no traces on things. Although, I agree, it may seem that it is greasy, all the same, wax and oil in the composition, but there is nothing like that. And the skin in the underarm zone is exceptional velvet, and you will forget about all the irritations after shaving or depilation. Still our personal mast-hev, this use of “Antiperspirant” in the zone of bikini after shaving and depilation – perfectly soothes the skin !!!!!
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