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  • Alfalfin

    Alfalfin supports and stimulates the circulatory system, prevents the development of atherosclerosis. It reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood. Alfalfin contains plant estrogens.
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  • Bishofit warming massage balm. Revm – effect

    Magnesium-silicon nutrition and protection of the skin and connective tissue. Revm - effect !!!!!! Balsam warming is widely used by physiotherapists, massage therapists and sports physicians in rehabilitation after injuries, sprains, bruises, gusts ligaments, back pain, joint and muscle
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  • Calcimax

    Calcimax is a complex of calcium, other trace elements and vitamins. It is recommended for children, pregnant women and all people to eliminate calcium deficiency in the body. The main composition of the mineral biocomplex Calcimax is calcium in the best form for complete absorption (calcium hydroxyapatite)
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  • Candles Fitopropolis

    Candles "Fitopropolis" produce an anesthetic effect, antimicrobial action, removes inflammation and heals damaged tissues. It is used by folk medicine, its effectiveness is proved by scientists, therefore propolis is used in traditional medicine and cosmetology. Often propolis can be found in creams, toothpastes, cold remedies. One of the most necessary and popular forms of medicines based on propolis are candles. It is appropriate to use them in the treatment of urological, gynecological diseases, as well as proctologic diseases.
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  • Concentrate with crystalline bischofite

    Unique Bischofite in its composition with a high salt content and magnesium bromide. It is used in spa treatment and physiotherapy in the CIS. It has anti-inflammatory, regenerative, sedative, antispasmodic, analgesic, regulating metabolism effects. Tones, nourishes the skin with minerals, strengthens nails. Incredibly effective in problems with the musculoskeletal appliances. It is used for the preparation of the common baths, baths, solutions for compresses, massage. It enhances the effect of hydro-massage, bubble baths.
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  • Cream-balm Larkspur for the joints Ekolux

    Cream-balm "Larkspur" is recommended for rheumatoid arthritis diseases of bone system, arthritis, gout; muscle and joint pain. Cream-balm relieves irritation. It has a calming, analgesic, anti-inflammatory effect. Cream-balm "Larkspur" has high antibacterial, wound healing and soothing properties. Cream-balm  - an external remedy for pain relief. Characterized by high concentration of carotenoids, which provide anti-oxidant properties. It has antimicrobial and antiviral action. Used as a tonic, accelerating the process of restoring the damaged bone tissue at fractures, inflammation, sprains.
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  • Cream-balm with bruises and sprains

    The complex effect allows Cream-balm with bruises and sprains not only to effectively remove the pain, but also has a therapeutic anti-inflammatory effect, relieves swelling, speeds up the natural process of restoring damaged tissues. Immediately after the injury, it is recommended to apply Cream-balm with bruises and sprains to the place of injury and create rest. Apply carefully by massaging. You can make a pressure bandage. The fatty base gradually releases active components - the duration of the action is ensured.
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  • Cream-balm with joint pains

    Thanks to natural ingredients Cream-balm with joint pain quickly removes inflammation and pain syndrome. Cream-balm for pain in the joints is used as a preparation of local, localized therapy for chronic and inflammatory diseases affecting the joint tissues. This drug is effective for rheumatism, arthritis, bruises, radiculitis, myalgia, osteochondrosis, etc. It is recommended to use balm to reduce pain and swelling when stretching, dislocating and bruising.
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  • Gel-balm on the bee Scaffolding Medok

    in gel-balsam on the bee undermount of Medok the main active substance is chitin (chitosan). In addition to chitosan, melanin complexes, heparoids, amino acids, peptides, bee venom, etc. are also found in the bee submarine. Gel-balm on the bee sub-set Medok is an effective remedy for external use based on the extract of bee soup. Affects a large number of pathogenetic links of chronic venous insufficiency, while it has a minimal amount of side effects and is well absorbed by the body.
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