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  • Antistress Body Oil

    Oil massage oil based green walnut "Anti-stress" has the following effect - - "Anti-stress" body oil - antidepressant - Has a strong calming effect, and is effective for depression, anxiety, nervous tension, muscle fatigue, headaches of various origins - Relieves cramps
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  • Oat Bran with grape seeds

    Oat Bran with grape seed is a unique product, combining the oat bran, grape seeds, this product gets even better, expanding the range of applications. Oat Bran with grape seeds are rich in magnesium, potassium, thereby helping to normalize blood sugar levels, blood pressure, prevent the accumulation of excess weight, slow aging process, rejuvenate the body as a whole.
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  • Rye bran

    Rye bran contain a lot of fiber. Dietary fibers regulate the intestinal microflora improving colon promote the cholesterol removal from the body, normalization of blood sugar and cleanse the body as a whole.
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