cardiovascular disease

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  • B P Formula

    Diseases of the cardiovascular system occupy a leading place in the list of diseases Ministry of Health. The latest development "BP Formula" - is Biocomplex that helps protect the cardiovascular system from the harmful effects of external factors, prevent the development of a wide range of pathologies and premature exhaustion. The use of "BP Formula" improve and stabilize the operation of the heart muscle
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  • Cellulose from grape seeds

    Cellulose from grape seeds is a unique product because of the large number of dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals, amino acids and organic acids. Fiber from grape seeds - slows down the aging process, it helps cleanse the body and healing, rejuvenation of the skin. Antioxidant, removes radionuclides, mobilizes the body's defen
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  • Cellulose with melon seeds

    Unique Cellulose with melon seeds, combines the considerable content of minerals, organic acids and vitamins. Fiber with melon seeds has a positive effect on the cardiovascular, nervous, hematopoietic system. It improves skin color and hair texture. Improves overall body tone. Aphrodisiac
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