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  • Conditioning shampoo Lac Sante dandruff and dry scalp

    Conditioning shampoo for dandruff and dry skin head Lac Sante provides gentle cleansing, moisturizing the scalp and hair, effectively removes dandruff and itching, eliminates the unpleasant sensation of tightness of the skin and itching. Birch leaf extract has a bactericidal effect, calms the skin, regulates the sebaceous glands. Rapa Saki medicinal mud, which is part of the shampoo-conditioner for dandruff and dry scalp Lac Sante
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  • Fitoritsid shampoo for all hair types

    Shampoo "Fitoritsid" is phytoactivity Balsam shampoo, conditioner in one bottle. Shampoo "Fitoritsid" has a bright aroma of oak, combined with light notes of essential oils; pleasant consistency, perfectly cleans and treats the hair and scalp. Shampoo "Fitoritsid" nice-to-use product that has not contain chemicals and synthetic components.
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  • Lotion-tonic for hair strengthening Lac Sante

    Lotion-tonic for hair strengthening Lac Sante penetrates deeply and nourishes hair follicles with vitamins and mineral complex, activates passive bulbs. Lotion-tonic for hair strengthening Lac Sante stops seasonal stress and hair loss. Lotion-tonic for hair strengthening Lac Sante gives freshness, herbal extracts actively strengthens the hair roots, moisturize the scalp, regulate sebaceous glands of the scalp and stimulate hair growth. It prevents dandruff.
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  • Shampoo Avicenna celandine extract

    Shampoo "Avicenna" celandine extract helps restore splendor and beauty of your hair, prevent the occurrence of such unpleasant cosmetic defects like dandruff, itching, fragility. It will help your hair look dazzling, be brilliant, attractive and, most importantly, healthy.
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