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  • “Rose” body oil

    Oil massage oil based green walnut "Rose" has the following effect - Eliminates fatigue symptoms, relieves stress reactions, improves performance. It stimulates creative and intellectual growth. It facilitates the process of going to sleep and waking up, harmonize biological rhythms. Body oil "Rose" smoothes wrinkles, restores the contours of the face oval. A powerful regenerating agent increases skin elasticity and firmness.
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  • Cream for the skin around the eyes ProBiocosmetics

    The cream for the skin around the eyes ProBiocosmetics perfectly tightens the skin, reduces wrinkles and reduces puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. The cream for the skin around the eyes ProBiocosmetics provides reliable care and protection to the delicate skin around the eyes. The cream for the skin around the eyes ProBiocosmetics wrinkles, significantly reducing their depth, provides normal moisture level. It stimulates the production of collagen
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  • Face Cream ProBiocosmetics. For mature skin

    ProBiocosmetics Face Cream for daily care of mature skin, gives you the flexibility and smoothness of the skin. Face Cream ProBiocosmetics has a focus on the alignment of the relief of the skin. It stimulates the renewal of skin cells, promotes the synthesis of collagen, increases the density and elasticity of the skin. All these actions are due to the presence in the composition of face cream ProBiocosmetics Complex Skin Tightener ST.
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  • Joint Flex

    Joint Flex is a highly effective natural bioactive complex containing organic chondroprotectors and extracts of medicinal plants that can reduce the intensity and severity of chronic and acute inflammation in the joints, restore and normalize the functions of the musculoskeletal system. The core of the complex is the chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine sulfate, the natural elements of the cartilage and connective tissue structure that regulate the physiological processes in the cartilage, activate the production of joint fluid and, as a result, prevent the appearance of degenerative processes and ensure the preservation of mobility in the joint. The active anti-inflammatory effect is exerted by Joint Fleks yucca, boswelia extract and bromelain. It is also important that Joint Flex includes grape seed extract and vitamin C.
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  • Lac Sante Mask for normal skin supply

    Mask for intensive feeding Lac Sante skin on the basis of kaolin and bentonite clay, oily plant extracts, beta-carotene. Mask for intensive feeding Lac Sante skin effectively nourishes the skin, eliminates the gray complexion, the signs of skin aging, stimulates the regeneration of skin cells, collagen synthesis. Mask Lac Sante skin intensive feeding deeply cleanses and tightens pores, normalizes the sebaceous glands
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  • Marine Scrub Lac Sante body

    Marine Scrub Lac Sante body stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, removes excess fluid and toxins, improves muscle tone. Marine Scrub Lac Sante body renews and nourishes the skin with valuable minerals, improves the general condition of the skin, prevents the formation of stretch marks. Natural sea salt, which is the basis scrub gently removes old cells, cleans pores, improves the condition of the problem and sluggish skin.
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  • Serum for face ProBiokosmetiks (mature and sensitive skin)

    Serum for face ProBiocosmetics with a light and delicate texture, significantly tightens skin and smooths its micro relief, improves elasticity, resulting in facial contour becomes clearer. Serum for face ProBiocosmetics smooths wrinkles and prevents the appearance of new, significantly tightens the skin. It nourishes and moisturizes the skin, neutralizes free radicals. It improves skin tone and improves skin regeneration, stimulates collagen synthesis
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  • Soap-peeling with mud of Saki Lake Lac Sante

    Soap-peeling with mud of Saki Lake Lac Sante gently and thoroughly cleanses the skin and pores. Fine grapes gently removes horny layer of olive oil and apricot kernel to moisturize the skin, making it more elastic. Saki mineral mud nourishes the skin with minerals, and evens skin texture, promotes detoxification and stimulates the renewal of skin cells. Compound essential oils of neroli, bergamot and lemon tones skin, improves mood and well-being
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  • Ylang-Ylang body oil

    "Ylang-Ylang" body oil has the following effect - - Relaxing oil for hypertension, depression, normalizes the overall health of women in menopause, normalizes sleep rhythm - Reduces reflex excitability - Cosmetics: "Ylang-Ylang" body oil supports the natural moisture, elasticity of the skin; reduces the impact of seasonal sunlight
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