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  • Herbal Tea “Cleansing”

    Herbal Tea "Cleansing" was created specifically for those who control body weight and regularly conducting a comprehensive cleanup of the body. Traditional herbs in conjunction with the original recipe, ease of use, effective cleansing of the body, an effective control of body weight - herbal "Cleansing" tea.
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  • Herbal Tea “cold and flu”

    Herbal Tea "cold and flu" effectively helps the body to resist adverse environmental factors - such as a viral infection. Herbal Tea "cold and flu" boosts the immune reactivity of the organism, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiviral effect. Gently calms the nervous system, has adaptogenic effect. Herbal Tea "cold and flu" makes it easier for colds and viral diseases.
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  • Herbal Tea “From diseases of the joints»

    Thanks to a successful combination of ingredients herbal tea "From diseases of the joints" is recommended to receive at arthrosis, arthritis, rheumatism, sciatica, spinal osteochondrosis, salt deposits, as well as for the prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Herbal Tea "From diseases of the joints," effectively treats inflammation in the joints and periarticular tissues
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  • Herbal Tea “Healthy eyesight”

    Herbal Tea "Healthy eyesight" is based on the famous "eye" of herbs - Euphrasia, blueberries, carrots, repyashok, Chinese magnolia, rose hips. The balanced composition allows the tea herb "Healthy Vision" really restore the health of vision (eye Authority), to enhance visual acuity.
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  • Herbal Tea “Kidney”

    Herbal Tea "Kidney" is used to prevent relapse in diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract and helps the body recover from acute kidney disease. Herbal Tea "Kidney" thanks to the balanced composition has a diuretic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic action. Significantly reduces the crystallization of salts.
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  • Herbal Tea “laxative”

    Herbal Tea "Laxative" helps to normalize bowel malfunction, has a mild laxative effect. Herbal Tea "Laxative" has choleretic, anti-inflammatory, calming effect. Effectively removes waste products and toxins from the body, increases motor activity of the intestine without breaking the absorbability of nutrients
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  • Herbal Tea “Normalizing hormones”

    Herbal Tea "Normalizing hormones" is recommended to receive when hormonal background, menstrual irregularities, soldier's heart, thyroid dysfunction. Herbal Tea "Normalizing hormones" normalizes the endocrine system, improves ovarian function, thyroid gland, improves skin and hair, rejuvenates the whole body,
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  • Herbal Tea “Regulating salt metabolism”

    Herbal Tea "Regulating salt metabolism" is used in diseases due to the formation of which is a violation of the salt (mineral) exchange - low back pain, arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, urolithiasis, cholelithiasis. Herbal Tea "Regulating salt metabolism" regulates mineral metabolism in the body, promotes the removal of salts from the body, has an antispasmodic action.
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  • Herbal Tea “Slim lotus”

    Herbal Tea "Slim lotus" is recommended to receive when excess weight, diseases associated with lipid metabolism disorders, is effective for the prevention of atherosclerosis, prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaques. Phyto "Slim Lotus" effectively brings bad cholesterol, effectively breaks down and removes from the body fats. Phyto "Slim Lotus" has a mild laxative and diuretic, cleanses the liver,
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