кожные заболевания

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  • Cream-balm “Lega” for hand

    Cream-balm "Lega" is recommended for the nutrition of the skin of hands and nail plate; for protection against cold allergy. It takes care of human skin at any time of the year. Cream-balm "Lega" It has a calming, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect. Cream-balm "Lega" The biologically active product having high antibacterial properties.
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  • The essential oil of bitter almonds

    The essential oil of bitter almonds is produced by steam distillation from almond seeds. The essential oil of bitter almonds has a delicate, surprising flavor. The essential oil perfectly whitens the skin (freckles, age spots), is used for the care of irritated and sensitive skin.
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  • Wheat germ oil

    Wheat germ oil Ekolyuks prepared from grain of wheat germ. It has a high nutritional and biological value and is unique in its biochemical composition and curative properties of natural plant products. The wheat germ oil concentrated unique balanced set of biologically active substances, vitamins, lipids, essential amino acids and minerals.
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