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  • Herbal tea clean vessel “Melissa Sophora Japanese”

    Phyto clean vessel "Japanese Sophora with Melissa" is recommended to accept persons with common ailments and the weakening of the body, as a tonic. Herbal tea vessel "Japanese Sophora with Melissa" calms the nervous system, stimulates the appetite, helps with headaches.
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  • Win-Vita, Balsam from the red grapes

    Vin Vita has multiple mechanisms of action due to the presence of: organic acids, polysaccharides, phenolic and polyphenolic compounds, glucose, amino acids, flavonoids, acetone, ascorbic acid, vitamin B, PP, carotene, potassium compounds, iron, calcium, phosphorus, phytoestrogens ( rezverartrol), which is incredibly rich in red grape varieties. The most characteristic of the amount of biologically active substances (BAS) Vin Vita antioxidant effect, ie the deactivation of free radicals.
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