профилактика диабета

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  • Cellulose plant

    Cellulose plant acts as a plant enterosorbent, fixing on its surface various toxic substances present in the intestinal lumen, and taking them out of the body, it reduces flatulence and improves intestinal peristalsis. Regular intake of Cellulose plant is recommended as a preventive and curative means necessary
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  • Kissel Art Life “cherry-raspberry” on fructose with vitamins and minerals

    Kissel Art Life "cherry-raspberry" is designed specifically for people Veduchi healthy lifestyle and controlling body weight. Kissel "cherry-raspberry" is made from natural fruit juice. Gelling base has a soft jelly enveloping effect. Kissel Art Life "cherry-raspberry" optimally balanced composition, contains a wide range of nutrients needed to maintain the vitality and health promotion
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  • Oat milk

    A real gem of herbal medicine "Oat milk" - a storehouse of vitamins and minerals for your body. Sprouted oat grains occupy first place among the cereals content of macro and micronutrients. Sprouted grain oats contain vitamins, vitamin E, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc. Vitamins and elements contained in the body easily digestible form. Oat milk is rich in protein of vegetable origin, which contains all the essential amino acids
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