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  • A mixture of bran (oat, wheat, rye)

    A mixture of bran is needed to complete the work of the intestine, reducing the level of cholesterol in the blood, cleansing the digestive tract of toxins, helping to reduce excess weight, the removal of toxic heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury). Bran useful to normalize the functions of the digestive system, especially in psoriasis and intestinal, gallbladder, bile stasis, constipation.
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  • Balm modeling Lac Sante

    Balm modeling Lac Sante thanks to liquid consistency penetrates deep into the subcutaneous fat, effectively destroys resistant fat deposits, significantly reduces the effect of "orange peel". Spin healing mud of Saki Lake contributes to the rapid breakdown of fat and strengthens blood vessels. ivy extract and red pepper, a part of the modeling Balsam Lac Sante, stimulates microcirculation and skin respiration, accelerate the excretion of excess fluid and toxins from the body.
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  • Blue Cambrian clay 1 kg

    Blue Cambrian clay is intended for the care of skin and hair. Due to its composition Cambrian blue clay has extraordinary healing properties - resolving, anti-inflammatory and analgesic. It helps smooth out wrinkles, accelerates regeneration of the skin, improves skin tone. Blue Cambrian clay is effective in anti-cellulite measures. Eliminates excessive oiliness of hair, are highly effective for acne.
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  • Essential oil of sweet orange

    Essential oil of sweet orange obtained by cold pressing of the fresh peel of the fruit. Essential oil of sweet orange aromatic adaptogen. Essential oil of sweet orange is known for a long time - it has been used in medicine, cosmetics and even cooking. His amazing ability calming influence on the nervous system, warming the soul and giving confidence in themselves, are legendary.
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  • Fibrent+iodine

    Fibrent + iodine is a unique complex to cleanse the body and lose weight. Fibrent + iodine significantly increases the ability of self-regulation in the health and cleansing process of the body. Fibrent + iodine is able to absorb and rid the body of excess cholesterol, bilirubin, bile acids, urea, salts of heavy metals and toxins. Fibrent + iodine is useful for healthy and sick people.
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  • Herbal Tea “Cleansing”

    Herbal Tea "Cleansing" was created specifically for those who control body weight and regularly conducting a comprehensive cleanup of the body. Traditional herbs in conjunction with the original recipe, ease of use, effective cleansing of the body, an effective control of body weight - herbal "Cleansing" tea.
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  • Herbal tea clean vessel “Stevia with Sophora Japanese”

    Phyto clean vessel "Japanese Sophora with stevia" is recommended to persons prone to be overweight (weight loss), patients with type 2 diabetes, a metabolic disorder, cardio vascular diseases, for the prevention of stagnation in the liver and gallbladder. Sophora Japanese part of the phyto tea "with stevia Japanese Sophora" prevents the development of atherosclerosis and its effects - coronary heart disease, heart attack, stroke.
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  • Herbal tea Goji Berries

    The successful mix of ingredients herbal tea Goji Berries allows the use of this product for safe cleansing and healing of the whole organism, regulation of metabolism, normalization of hormonal levels, improve vision, reduce the excess weight. Phyto Goji Berries - it is a unique storehouse of vitamins and trace elements, effectively normalizes metabolism, thereby helping to reduce body weight.
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  • Mud mineral Saki with phyto Lac Sante

    Mud mineral Saki with phyto Lac Sante accelerates metabolism, excretion of radionuclides, toxins, toxins, excess fluid; tissue regenerates and nourishes the skin with minerals, strengthens blood vessels, improves immunity. Phytonutrients complement and reinforce the action of mineral mud Saki: relieve and soothe inflammation, dry skin, improves elasticity and firmness, soften the skin, reduces the appearance of stretch marks
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