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  • Cellulose “Healthy liver”

    Unique combination of fiber with rowan red, thistle, milk thistle fruits, leaves of Bergenia. It recommended for use as a means to complete the work of the intestine and effective cleaning of the liver. Include Cellulose "Healthy liver" in your diet and it will allow your liver to be healthy and perform their functions effectively. A clean and healthy liver has a beneficial effect on the entire body.
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  • Venatol

    The dominant place in the structure of morbidity of the population belongs to the diseases of the cardiovascular system. Varicose veins, atherosclerosis, edema, infringement claims and condition of blood - this is not the entire list. Systemic administration of bioactive complex "Venatol" will prevent the development of these diseases, and will minimize the negative impact of the majority of the risk factors and the development of vascular disease.
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