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  • Alginate mask scrub Lac Sante

    Alginate mask scrub Lac Sante actively tones and moisturizes, renews and protects the skin, removes irritation, stimulates metabolism, cellular respiration, provides anti-stress effect. The ingredients that make up the alginate mask, scrub, such properties - Rapa Saki Lake - remove waste and toxins, stimulates lymphatic drainage, cleans pores, nourishes the skin with minerals and has antiseptic and antibacterial properties.
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  • Balm regenerating Lac Sante

    Balm regenerating Lac Sante - the pearl of body care products. Balm regenerating Lac Sante effective in diseases of the skin, hair loss, seborrhea, eczema, fungal diseases, periodontitis, tonsillitis and it is not a complete list. The effect of reducing the balsam is based on the fact that in its composition it contains spin silt sulfide mud of Saki Lake.
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  • Essential oil of lemon wormwood

    Essential oil of lemon wormwood is obtained by steam distillation from the dried flowers and leaves of the plant. The essential oil of wormwood lemon tonic flavor. Essential oil of lemon wormwood Artemisia has a rich aroma with citrus notes. Essential oil of lemon wormwood has analgesic, astringent, antibacterial, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic effect.
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  • Essential oil of pine

    Essential pine oil is obtained by distillation of conifer's feet with steam. Essential oil of pine is aromatic adaptogen, has a pleasant aroma of pine, pine forest. Essential oil of pine is a valuable natural product, which contains many useful properties for the body, has a strong tonic effect, volatile fragrances of pine essential oils are the active components.
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  • Eucalyptus essential oil

    Eucalyptus essential oil obtained by steam distillation of the leaves of the plant. Eucalyptus essential oil - aromatic adaptogen. Eucalyptus essential oil is widely used in aromatherapy, since it is able to beneficially affect a person's mood, cheer up, collect my thoughts, to arouse the vigilance and attentiveness. Bitter and cool eucalyptus aroma is able to cheer up, eliminating fatigue and drowsiness.
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  • Lac Sante cleansing mask for the face

    Purifying Face Mask for sensitive skin Lac Sante based on kaolin, extracts of aloe and calendula, wheat germ oil. Mask gently cleanses and cares for your skin. Kaolin - cleanses and tightens pores, tones the skin, extracts of aloe and calendula relieve inflammation, wheat germ oil improves skin elasticity and firmness. Silicon, which is part of masks Lac Sante cleansing facial for sensitive skin, matting the skin, eliminates the fat shine
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  • Lac Sante Mask health-building for the face

    Lac Sante Mask health-building for the face contains in its structure a unique ingredient - volcanic mud. Volcanic mud nourishes the skin cells unique minerals, humic and silicic acid, enzymes, lipids, and rare trace elements. Mask health-building for Lac Sante skin has a bio-stimulating effect - initiates a chain of biochemical reactions to restore cell function, blood microcirculation and limfottoka. Mask health-building for Lac Sante skin soothes, regenerates and protects the skin, normalizes the sebaceous glands
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  • Lotion-tonic for normal skin Lac Sante

    Lotion-tonic for normal skin Lac Sante indispensable tool in everyday life - deeply cleanses the skin of impurities, stimulates cell respiration, restores and protects the skin. Lotion-tonic for normal Lac Sante facial skin is based on the extraction of sulphate silt mud of Saki Lake, rich phytochemicals, which leads to an excellent effect on the application. Minerals Saki dirt perfectly moisturize and nourish the skin, help to preserve moisture in the skin.
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  • Soap Lac Sante with Saki mud

    Soap with solid Lac Sante Saki mud is used for the care of body and face. Soap natural solid with Saki mud Lac Sante deep cleans the pores from dirt, gently removes dead skin cells and tones the skin. Minerals Saki Lake is saturated and nourish the skin with essential macro and trace elements, stimulates microcirculation, effectively remove toxins, line the surface of the skin.
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