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  • Essential oil of cedar

    Essential oil of cedar is obtained by steam distillation from the wood of the plant. Essential oil of cedar aromatic adaptogen. Essential oil of cedar - is unique in its properties, known since the times of ancient Egypt, has been widely used. To date, the essential oil of cedar - an indispensable component of perfume compositions. Cedar essential oil has antibacterial, disinfectant properties.
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  • Essential oil of cloves

    Clove essential oil is obtained by steam distillation from the buds, leaves and shoots of plants. Clove essential oil toning fragrance, an aphrodisiac, has a bright, all of us familiar scent. Clove essential oil has a stimulating, expectorant, analgesic, antiviral, bactericidal action. Clove essential oil is effective for scabies, infected wounds, convulsions, abrasions.
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  • Essential oil of pine

    Essential pine oil is obtained by distillation of conifer's feet with steam. Essential oil of pine is aromatic adaptogen, has a pleasant aroma of pine, pine forest. Essential oil of pine is a valuable natural product, which contains many useful properties for the body, has a strong tonic effect, volatile fragrances of pine essential oils are the active components.
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  • Herbal Tea “To cleanse the lymphatic system”

    The combination of leaves, buds and birch fungus, leaves, cranberries, members of the tea "To cleanse the lymphatic system" effectively cleanse the lymph and lymph nodes from bacteria, viruses, toxins. Tea "To cleanse the lymphatic system" regulates and restores the function of the lymphatic system, improves lymph flow. Eliminates edema, which are formed as a result of stagnation of lymph.
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  • Lotion for problem skin Lac Sante

    Lotion-tonic for Lac Sante facial skin problem - the ideal tool for the care of problem skin - it cleanses the skin deep, it does not dry the skin, preserving its natural protective barrier, while providing effective healing effect. The combination of Saki mud and phytocomponents (aloe extract, menthol, sage, chamomile, mint) in tonic Lac Sante provides antiseptic and antibacterial properties, reduces inflammation, regenerates damaged skin.
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  • Tea tree Body Oil

    Tea tree oil for body Used in pharmacy as an antiseptic, expectorant and aromatherapy. Also practiced is the use of tea tree oil in the composition of oral hygiene products. Tea tree oil for body provides the following action - - Soothing, antiseptic and antimicrobial - Tea tree oil for the body is used for shingles, hair scars, fungal skin lesions, colds, chronic colds, in pulmonology - Reduces the temperature
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  • Tea tree essential oil

    Tea tree essential oil aromatherapy is a very popular tool for many years, it easily could be considered a means of "first aid" in the home medicine cabinet. Tea tree oil is obtained from plants malaleuca alternifolia, oil is produced from the leaves and small twigs of the tree by using steam distillation.
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