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  • Glazorol

    Biocomplex Glazorol contains all the necessary components to maintain the normal functioning of the organ of vision. Promotes prevention of age-related changes and fatigue of the visual analyzer. Systemic reception of "Glazorol" will allow for many years to maintain visual acuity, strengthen the vessels of the eye, prevent trophic processes. Active components of the glazorol biocomplex help prevent overwork of the visual analyzer. A set of amino acids, vitamins and trace elements, as well as gotukola and ginkgo biloba, optimize the energy exchange of the organ of vision. Vitamin C and quercetin strengthen the walls of the smallest eye vessels. A powerful complex of antioxidants complex Glazorol - of various origins (carotenoids, glutathione and extract of chokeberry ash) stabilize the membranes of the cells of the organ of vision
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  • Herbal tea clean vessel “Sweet and Japanese Sophora”

    Herbal tea vessel "Japanese Sophora with Jerusalem artichoke" shows people who want to clean and strengthen the blood vessels affected by the following diseases - diseases of the liver, diabetes, peptic ulcer, pancreatitis, kidney stones, hypertension, arthritis, obesity. Jerusalem artichoke has a mild laxative effect. Sophora Japanese part of the Herbal tea "Japanese Sophora with Jerusalem artichoke" prevents the development of atherosclerosis and its effects - coronary heart disease, heart attack, stroke.
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