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  • Blue Cambrian clay 1 kg

    Blue Cambrian clay is intended for the care of skin and hair. Due to its composition Cambrian blue clay has extraordinary healing properties - resolving, anti-inflammatory and analgesic. It helps smooth out wrinkles, accelerates regeneration of the skin, improves skin tone. Blue Cambrian clay is effective in anti-cellulite measures. Eliminates excessive oiliness of hair, are highly effective for acne.
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  • Cocoa “Vzrosleyka” with iodine and vitamins

    Cocoa Vzrosleyka with iodine for children - it is a wonderful tasty drink that consists of natural ingredients. Cocoa obschirnym enriched with vitamins and minerals complex. A delicious and healthy drink for little princes and princesses! Useful drink with a rich taste will enhance the mood !!!!!
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  • Conditioning shampoo for oily hair Lac Sante

    Conditioning shampoo for oily hair Lac Sante gently cleanses and strengthens hair, tones the scalp. Rapa Saki medicinal mud with white lupine extract normalize the sebaceous glands, hair roots nourish amino acids and minerals, prevents hair loss. PP vitamins moisturizes and accelerates hair growth, hydrolyzate kerotina restores damaged hair, hair slows aging.
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  • Fitoritsid fitosvechi

    "Fitoritsid" Fitosvechi are effective hemostatic, antipyretic, immunomodulatory, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. Fitosvechi "Fitoritsid" normalize metabolism, blood formation and blood circulation, stimulates the regenerative processes. Part of the fitosvechey "Fitoritsid" plantain, has antibacterial and analgesic effect. Plantain tones the entire body and helps to restore prostate tissue.
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  • Fitoritsid shampoo for all hair types

    Shampoo "Fitoritsid" is phytoactivity Balsam shampoo, conditioner in one bottle. Shampoo "Fitoritsid" has a bright aroma of oak, combined with light notes of essential oils; pleasant consistency, perfectly cleans and treats the hair and scalp. Shampoo "Fitoritsid" nice-to-use product that has not contain chemicals and synthetic components.
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  • Herbal Tea “Cleansing”

    Herbal Tea "Cleansing" was created specifically for those who control body weight and regularly conducting a comprehensive cleanup of the body. Traditional herbs in conjunction with the original recipe, ease of use, effective cleansing of the body, an effective control of body weight - herbal "Cleansing" tea.
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  • Herbal Tea “Liver”

    Herbal Tea "Liver" is recommended for inflammatory diseases of the liver and biliary tract. Herbal Tea "Liver" contributes to the normalization of liver function, relieves cramps, prevents hepatic colic. Protects and renews cells of the liver in case of poisoning, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, alcohol action of drugs.
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  • Herbal Tea “Slim lotus”

    Herbal Tea "Slim lotus" is recommended to receive when excess weight, diseases associated with lipid metabolism disorders, is effective for the prevention of atherosclerosis, prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaques. Phyto "Slim Lotus" effectively brings bad cholesterol, effectively breaks down and removes from the body fats. Phyto "Slim Lotus" has a mild laxative and diuretic, cleanses the liver,
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  • Herbal tea Goji Berries

    The successful mix of ingredients herbal tea Goji Berries allows the use of this product for safe cleansing and healing of the whole organism, regulation of metabolism, normalization of hormonal levels, improve vision, reduce the excess weight. Phyto Goji Berries - it is a unique storehouse of vitamins and trace elements, effectively normalizes metabolism, thereby helping to reduce body weight.
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