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  • Enzyme complex plus

    Enzymes or enzyme - a protein nature substances that regulate the rate of biochemical reactions in the body, providing for the metabolic processes. "Enzyme complex plus" - is a natural activator of physiological processes in the body. It contains all necessary for the life of the organism natural enzymes.
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  • Herbal tea clean vessel “Deerslayer with Sophora Japanese”

    Herbal tea clean vessel "Deerslayer with Sophora Japanese",  is used in inflammatory processes of various etiologies occur. St. John's wort has a disinfecting, anti-inflammatory action. Phyto "Japanese Sophora with St. John's wort" It stimulates the regeneration of tissues, the heart Sophora Japanese part of the Herbal tea clean vessel "Deerslayer with Sophora Japanese". Prevents the development of atherosclerosis and its effects - coronary heart disease, heart attack, stroke.
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