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  • Herbal tea Alergofit Natur (allergy)

    The successful mix of ingredients herbal tea from allergies can increase the body's resistance to environmental factors that cause the allergic process, and facilitate the flow of allergic diseases. Herbal tea Alergofit Natur (allergy) has an integrated anti-allergic effect, krovoochischayuschim action, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, sedative properties
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  • Mineral mask-cleansing Lac Sante

    Mineral mask-cleansing Lac Sante mineral-based, thoroughly cleanses the skin and gives the skin freshness, enhances skin tone, protects against the negative environmental impact. The ingredients included in the cleansing mask-Lac Sante, have such properties. Ropa - stimulates the excretion of toxins, toxins, regulates the sebaceous glands, nourishes the skin micro and macro elements.
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  • Rejuvenation Cream 40+ Lac Sante

    Rejuvenation Cream 40+ Lac Sante easy, natural cream, designed for gentle care, rejuvenation of the skin of the face and neck, actively renews the skin, prevents aging processes. Rejuvenation Cream 40+ Lac Sante does not contain parabens and mineral oils. The ingredients included in the cream Rejuvenation 40+ have the following properties Colloidal gold - accelerates cell renewal, metabolism, excretion of toxins and impurities, provides a lifting effect, reduces wrinkles.
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