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  • Suppositories with an extract of celandine

    Celandine is an oligotypic genus of dicotyledonous plants of the family Poppy (Papaveraceae). The taxonomic name of the genus was published by the Swedish taxonomist Karl Linnaeus in the first volume of the work Species plantarum. As a rule, only one species of Chelidonium majus is allocated in the genus Purity, but in some sources there is also at least one more species of Chelidonium asiaticum, previously considered a subspecies of Chelidonium majus. The reason for the name Purity was that many generations of doctors, from ancient Greek, Avicenna and until the XVIII century, considered celandine useful for the treatment of eye diseases. This belief was based on an old legend, which says that the swallow is treating the eyes of its celibate juice with its blinded chicks. The healing properties celandine are known since ancient times. Suppositories with an extract of celandine - number one in the fight against cancer. In addition, a pronounced anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, hepatoprotective and immunomodulatory properties allow to use candles with celandine extract for the prevention and in treatment of cystitis
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  • Wheat bran

    100% wheat bran, a rich source of fiber, vitamins B, E and K, macro and micro elements. Wheat bran normalize carbohydrate, protein, fat metabolism. Wheat bran regulate the digestive system, beneficial effects on the cardiovascular, nervous and muscular systems. Wheat bran contribute to the maintenance of normal hormonal balance in the body.
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