What is Polisol?

What is Polisol?
We are often asked this question. Let’s figure it out together, all we know, we’ll write, as in the spirit
So, what is Polisol?
Polisol is an extract of sprouted grains of oats, wheat, barley and corn. Outwardly it resembles jam, the color is bard-brown, the taste is pleasant, vegetative (reminiscent of plum jam, but not sour), children eat with pleasure, especially if with cookies. Polysol is not a new development, not a fad, this product was created in the distant 1984, and helped many women to endure and give birth to a healthy baby. For the development of Polisol, scientists were awarded state prizes, and the product received a bunch of awards.

What is Polisol useful?
It is the young grains that have the property of transmitting their life sider to your body, it is in the young grain that the whole “strength” of the grain, everything that is necessary for the development and growth of the plant, is contained. With the germination of grains, the vitamin composition of the product increases by 200-500%
What do you get when taking Polisol?
Taking Polisol in figures and biochemistry, you get the following benefits: 9 vitamins, 9 minerals, 15 amino acids – 8 of which are indispensable. In the names it is glucose, maltose, fructose, vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, B12, C, E, PP, H (more detailed chemical composition you can easily find on the Internet). And it’s natural vitamins, which the body easily absorbs, as necessary. Very interesting fact – in 100 grams of polisol contains vitamin C more than 8 glasses of orange juice.
When should Polisol be used?
pregnancy and lactation
in the period of recovery, after long-term diseases
during the acute exacerbation of acute respiratory infections, ARI, strengthens resistance to infections
to maintain the cardiovascular system – improves blood circulation, prevents blood clots, increases hemoglobin
Helps reduce cholesterol
Helps reduce blood pressure in hypertensive patients
promotes the restoration of tissues, bones, muscles, skin
strengthens joints, ligaments, cardiac muscle
reduce fat deposits
normalizes the metabolism
supports nerve cells – has a mild sedative effect, improves mood and memory, improves the ability to learn, relieves the manifestation of symptoms of depression.
Participates in the formation of bone skeleton in children, participates in the formation of bone tissue
supports prostate health, promotes sexual function
reduces the risk of cancer
protects from radioactive exposure
helps to remove heavy metals from the body

Polisol has undergone a lot of research, received recommendations from midwives, pediatricians, neuropathologists, cardiologists, recommended by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.
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